David Bailey? Mario Testino?


…I don’t think so but I will keep trying!

I am considering doing a photography course to try and get the most from my Leica but that won’t be for a couple of weeks.

My boss, however, had the bright idea that we could do with some team portraits for our profiles.  Initially, I wasn’t too worried about this as he asked me to take the photos and I thought “why not”.

This was when it was for our small team.  He has since invited the wider team and most people have agreed to show up and be snapped. 😦

I have since been trying to get to grips with my camera and look up lots of hints and tips for portraiture.

I even asked one of my creative agencies for some advice.  They kindly gave me lots of tips but it’s whether I remember them all on the day!

I may be over thinking this but I don’t want to fudge it up!  I hope it works out.

At present, I am trying various things with the camera but selfies are not a great way of testing portraiture and my favourite model (Tilly), is a bit fluffier than the average team member.

He are a few of the photos I did like from today (many, many more have been deleted).

This is me messing with exposure settings…

Alien object

This is an old-fashioned selfie which I quite like but I cannot remember all the settings for this shot 😦

Old fashioned Selfie

And of course, my favourite model, taking it all in her stride…


All I can say is please wish me and my colleagues the best of luck for Monday!

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