Time for another gym assessment…

It’s been about 10 weeks since we joined the Essex Golf and Country Club and my gym attendance is going strong.  It has enabled me to be focussed and allows us to both get out and have a decent round of exercise (which was the intention).

Richard has found his groove in the pool whilst I have been enjoying the gym sessions.

I did join Richard in the pool yesterday and completed 14 lengths – not bad considering I have not swum in so long.  The effects of the pool were as strong as ever though as I slept well last night and felt the after-effects during my gym session today.

Recently I have been pushing myself harder during my workout on the treadmill and the bike which have felt good.

Today I had my next assessment with the trainers at the gym and this time I was assessed by Stalin, the Brazilian!  (He may not be Brazilian but he looks it ok!)

Anyway, we had a chat and I admitted as well as the upper rower, I am also not really loving the rowing machine as I find it monotonous.

Given my target to get back into a decent running distance, to overcome the injury etc I have decided to drop the rowing machine and have extended the treadmill.

I am now running for the whole of the treadmill section (as opposed tFullSizeRender.jpgo walk-running). I have increased the duration and have pushed myself further.

I also increased the duration and the pattern of the cross trainer so that I put in more effort and don’t end feeling knackered (as I was increasing my resistance and ending too high rather than training a mix of intervals).

As I was on a roll I have also increased the weights I am pulling/lifting too.

I’d never have imagined I would have gotten back into the gym but I am enjoying it.  It is allowing me time to burn energy, to focus on other things and is having an effect.  People whom I have not seen for a while assume I am running distances as I “look trim” – nice to hear but it’s all down to the gym work.

I have completed a number of circuits on the exercise bike in the garage too and believe that this mix of exercise is what is helping bring back my motivation.

Having run after run of discomfort is not great and soul destroying.  I did feel my calves were a little tight on the second half of the treadmill but once I got on with the cross trainer etc it went away.

My Apple Watch does a good job of tracking my heart rate and effort and today I pushed myself to my highest threshold.  Something I don’t think I have managed to do with running in a while.

It’s great to be able to control my music from my watch and the workout whilst using my Bluetooth headphones.  There is little or no distraction and it just works.  I just wish the Apple interface would give a better set of visuals but that’s a minor thing.

Today was the first time I have run and experienced a wardrobe malfunction!  I was half way through my treadmill session, running harder than I have in ages when I noticed something wasn’t right.  I looked down and my right shoe lace was flapping all over the place.

I always double knot my trainers but today I didn’t.  Luckily I saw what had happened and stopped the treadmill, sorted out my laces (double knotting them) and proceeded with the rest of my workout 🙂

As you can tell I am enjoying this new found energy and routine and will continue with this mix of activity as it really seems to be helping my body and mind.

The club is a great benefit as it allows us to change our scenery, offers up training and support whilst allowing us access to many sports besides just running. (Richard is considering Pilates and I may take the odd exercise class in the near future).

If we can do it – so can you!


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