Welcome to Colchester


The weather has been lovely today so we decided to take a long walk around Colchester.

We’ve lived here just over five years and we have had a good exploration of the town whilst we’ve been here and yet there is always more to see.

I have seen Jumbo (the Victorian water tower) from a distance ever since we moved here but only just seen it up close today.

I took my Leica so got some really good shots today.

This is Jumbo…


This is a close up of the Victorian architecture.  The supporting arches and brickwork is beautiful.  I hope they can restore the tower.  It’s currently empty and has no owner.


This is Jumbo is glorious technicolour.


There were lots of people out and about enjoying the autumnal sunshine and it was good to see people of all ages enjoying the sun.

Castle Park, Colchester

Colchester Castle has also been restored since we moved to Colchester. We have not been into the museum since the refurbishment but the exterior looks lovely.

Colchester Castle

I tracked the walk with the Activity app on my Apple Watch and was surprised by how much information is captured in the app.  It seems much better than using it in the gym for my workouts (obviously as it tracks GPS etc through my iPhone).

The walk lasted 2:36 hours and we walked nearly 9Km.  This only used 20% of my battery from my phone so I think Apple seemed to have gotten it right with this software update.

Here’s the information tracked from the app – my only ask for Apple would be to be able to extract it to somewhere else such as Strava.


Apart from the extract issue I really see no reason to go back to using my dedicated Tom Tom water – although if I run long distances again then I would probably switch to that as the battery would last longer.

I’ve decided I will do the photography course I mentioned a couple posts ago.  I am just waiting for some details before I sign on the dotted line.

I enjoyed taking the snaps today but look forward to utilising more of the features of the camera and learning more.

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