Back in the saddle

This week has been very active but sadly that has not equated to much physical activity.

At the start of the week I was in Rotterdam for work,  (Richard went home to Devon and Tilly to her place in the country).

Of course, it’s not a long flight but all the usual issues of travelling came about – and those not expected such as a complete meltdown of the rail network which meant we had to get off the train, grab the car and get to City Airport with little time to spare for our flights (we made it though).

The time in Rotterdam was packed full of conference content and meetings so there wasn’t any time to exercise (as it was so busy  all I really wanted to do after dinner was to relax in the evenings).

The rest of the week was busy, I had to complete the unplanned drive back in rush hour.  Thursday and Friday were busy days at work and Friday Richard flew back and we collected Tilly.

I worked quite late on Friday even though I was home.  It gave me the opportunity to have a short workout on the exercise bike just to get me moving.  It also helped me unwind as there was some news at work this week which means I will be dealing with new challenges.

The weather has been a real mix of sun, heavy showers, and high winds this weekend so not the best weekend to get out.

Today however I ensured I had time on the bike for at least 20 minutes to get me energized.  It was a good routine and feels like I have had a decent workout at least once this week.

The photo shows how haggard I look but I honestly did enjoy the workout.

We didn’t get time to go to the country club this weekend but will try and pick that back up next week.

It’s another busy week but at least I am heading towards a week off.  No plans yet but it’ll give me the opportunity to relax and get some training in without the pressure of work etc.

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