I’ve been cheating on you with another…

I have neglected my blog a little of late as I have been incredibly busy but I also have a confession…

Since I have embarked on my photography course with the British Academy of Photography I have been keeping myself busy with assignments and learning how to use Lightroom.

As I have paid for a monthly license with Adobe I now get Creative Cloud access which gives me the opportunity to set up my own portfolio online.

I have been editing and choosing images from the course and my past to share.  The portfolio has been tinkered around with for a couple weeks but I am happy with its current state.

You can view my portfolio here:



This is subject to change quite a bit so don’t be surprised if it’s different when you pay a repeat visit!

I’d be inserted to hear what you think.

As you know I have a well established Flickr account, I now share my best photographs on 500px. Why not say hello!

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 11.00.43.png
This is a lighting test shot using my off camera flash

With regards to my activity, I have not been 100% well of late so the running and the cycling have been on the back burner.  That said I have managed a brief cycle earlier this week and hope to do so again over the weekend.

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  1. Great to read your blog. I also have been very disticted of late with work and some family issues. But otherwise good. Hope you are feeling better and back to your running. You are highly talented, your pictures not only are brilliant but you have the talent to also capture emotions. Ivan.


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