This may come as a surprise…

… I actually managed to get out and go for a run!

I finally feel well enough to get my running shoes back on and get back out there.

I am not sure my chest/nose would agree as I had to stop a couple times due to the cold air but I am happy I managed a run.  

I did manage to go to the gym a couple weeks ago but picked up a horrible cold following my flu and it has only just managed to go.

I realise my Hokas didn’t do me any favours last year and as much as I love them I admit they hurt my legs and feet.

My old Nike Lunarglides were doing a good job on the treadmill at the gym so I decided to hunt around in the sales for a new pair.

Once again I picked a very bright pair (these are Lunarglide 8’s – when I started running they were Lunarglide 4’s!).  I like bright shoes and to be honest you tend to get a bigger discount on the outlandish styles.

These neon pink and yellow trainers cost me £40 – the navy blue equivalent were £110!

Anyway, I did enjoy the run but was sensible and didn’t over do it.  I had a couple walk breaks and am pleased with how I got along.

I don’t have any maps etc to share as I wore my Apple watch but you can see the stats I did log on Strava.

It’s been so long since I’ve been out running, it took a while to find all my kit!  In fact, even getting the kit together was putting me off and I nearly convinced myself not to bother.

The fact I invested in the shoes helped as it gave me an incentive to break them in.

I am glad I did and shall see how I feel so I can prepare for my next run.

I was amused by my attitude to running though as the photography has definitely had an impact on me.  I have spent many an afternoon wandering around where we live trying to find things to photograph and I couldn’t help but spot the odd thing that caught my eye.

Maybe I should ease off the pressure for great times and pace and instead concentrate on simply enjoying my runs and catching the odd snap when I have the urge (with my iPhone, there is no way I will go running with my camera!).



  1. Yeah agree – well done getting out there… it has been a while and I know you were fighting this pesky flew… I will give it a go tomorrow, hoping my ankle will do the job. Wish me luck..

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