I completed another Photography assignment this week. With thanks to Enda, I have more experience of headshot studio photography.

I also had to capture an environmental photograph which depicts him in his workplace, this was more challenging than I expected (especially as he has a non-traditional role).  The photos came out well though as I got what I wanted.

My chosen assignment headshot of Enda

Having now completed a third of my course with the British Academy of Photography, I am accumulating quite a collection of photographs.

The next couple of assignments appear to be research based but I will ensure I keep learning how to get the most from my cameras and trying new ideas.

I was lucky enough to be asked (or unlucky for the attendees), to take some photos at a leaving party with my team at work.  After contacting my tutor for advice it turns out, one of my future assignments is event photography.  I may well be able to use the material I captured for the assignment 🙂

Quite a challenge to shoot events but I enjoyed it

Having this new body of work means I have more to feature on my portfolio.  I am particularly happy with the current updates I have made  –  Keith Tomlinson Photography.

I’d love to hear what you think.

5 thoughts on “Another assignment completed

  1. Talent, talent, you have vision and it’s not just about capturing the “picture” it’s also about allowing people to see a story behind the picture. I love the corporate farewell picture as the table has a mirror and then that chandeliers just finish its off. (Nice offices). Ivan.

    1. Thanks Ivan. Funnily enough I was going to crop the table out! The bag was relevant as that’s where the guy leaving is going to 😃

      1. Great picture. Really is. I am sure it not the easiest to get all the people coordinated for that moment. Good luck with this course. Ivan.

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