Active week

It may have only been a four day week (which is not over yet), but it has felt quite long and challenging.  

I’ve circumvented that with ensuring I have squeezed in some activity to keep my body and mind focussed on things other than work. 

  • Monday I completed a session on the exercise bike at home 
  • Tuesday I went for a bracing 4K run down the Embankment in London 
  • Today I managed another run on the Embankment
  • This evening I attended the Sony Photography Awards and Martin Parr exhibition at Somerset House

Quite a packed agenda.  Especially as I have also started to write research for my next photography assignment!

I’ve decided that any run is better than none and I need to do it as I have been busy and will only get busier in the coming weeks.  

Despite the mantra I shouldn’t be down on myself as I managed to lace up and hit the Tarmac with little worry.  I would like to work back up to where I was before though. 

I checked my stats on Strava when I got back and ran a PB on one of the sections 😃. 

I have no excuse as I’ve left my Hokas in my locker at work.  

The exhibition had some amazing work and I felt really inspired and in awe at what was on display. 

Excuse these selfie pictures of me in front of the world (I took these for a Sony social media completion connected with the exhibition)

I especially like this landscape of Canada which was Highly Commended. 

There was an accompanying Martin Pare exhibition and I love his style of ad hoc, fly on the wall, full colour street photography.  

There was a series of tourist photos on show and I loved this one “Louvre”.  It sums up the Mona Lisa exhibition perfectly. 

I’ll leave you with a candid snap I took of some visitors when I left Somerset House 

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