Hell just might freeze over 

Anyone who knows me well (and not that well but well enough to know my online opinions), will know that I am fully signed up to the cult of Apple.

I have been for years.  I love the devices.  I love the operating system.  I love the thought and attention to detail.  I admire the UX and the accessibility Apple put into all their kit.

And yet…

I am considering moving to Android!

There is not really any major difference between smartphones these days, apart from the OS itself.

All offer very similar functionality, it’s just down to how it is provided to the consumer and how the consumer can choose how (or how not) to use a device.

Don’t get me wrong, I would never get a Samsung phone.  To me, they look cheap and Samsung as a business have spent their recent years copying other companies (not just Apple).  Oh and we had a large Samsung TV which broke just after the guarantee run out so there is previous here!

Apple were the pioneers of innovation and yet the iPad is being left behind by the Surface Pro (which is way too expensive for most people but that’s another point).  But it proves that Apple is not able to keep up with the changing face of consumer technology.  They certainly don’t seem to be providing devices people WANT or could utilise fully.

There are lots of rumours about the iPhone 8 (as usual) and I will probably wait until WWDC in June to see what Apple comes up with, however, my mind is already wondering.

Some friends told me years ago about OnePlus and their great headsets.  One of them moved from iOS to Android and she survived.  Why can’t I?

Rumoured design of the new OnePlus 5

Yes, there is the issue I am typing this on an iPhone and a Macbook but that should not stop me from doing what I want to.  We have lived in an Apple v Microsoft world for decades and we all survived.

I truly wish the manufacturers would open up to one another and put the consumer first but that won’t happen as they all simply want to make as much money as possible.

I remember when Apple launched Facetime they made it an open platform so people could video call across devices.  No one took them up they all simply created their own versions – this just leads to fragmentation and does not truly help people connect.

Yes with Android you can have a shitty experience with cheap kit but that’s true of anything.  With the speculation that the iPhone 8 could cost around £1,000, I cannot bring myself to spend that much, let alone carry around a piece of £1,000 glass in my pocket!  It’s madness.

I have either been very lucky or very careful and have never had a damaged Screen until recently.  I went for a run with my iPhone 6S in my arm cuff but put my gym locker key in with it (I think) – this sadly caused top level surface scratches on the screen which now feels rough and has left a dull patch on a section of the screen.

Well, that’s what I thought happened but I could be mistaken.  I actually don’t now how I did it (which is annoying) but this is my best guess.

My point though is how can something so simple or trivial cause such a physical cost to the device I own and the experience I have of using it?

This is my second iPhone 6S as Apple replaced it when I had an issue with the battery draining rapidly.  Sadly this is happening again with little to no explanation.   My commute is over an hour.  I read a few emails and listen to music only to find half of my battery has gone.  This is not acceptable for a device that cost £600!

Richards employer recently moved all their office applications from Microsoft to Google and he seems to be getting along fine with it.  He too damaged his iPhone 6S Plus screen after it fell out of his pocket and now he has an Android phone which he is very happy with.    It wasn’t super expensive, it is an Honor phone.  But you know what, it works!

I have used an Android phone before and had a really bad experience with it.  This I believe it due to the device though as it was an entry level propitiatory Vodafone handset that the office gave me when my previous iPhone died.  I really did not enjoy using it but I think the speed and the size of the device were more of an issue than the Android OS.

So I am at a crossroad.  Apple is about to announce something at WWDC but no one really knows what that is and, let’s be honest, if it continues to lock me into devices, menus, apps and customizations as Apple believes is good for me – is this good enough?

As a user spending so much of my hard earned money (money that isn’t going half as far as it used to), should I end up releasing so much capital o Apple and let them control me as much as they do now?

Or do I wait and see what OnePlus come up with as the release of the OnePlus 5 is imminent.  I have tried to 3T (the previous model), in store and I like it.  Would I get on with the 5 as my day to day phone?  Who knows?  What’s the harm in trying?

Let me be clear, I am not made of money.  The OnePlus 5 is reported to cost as much as my current iPhone 6S so it won’t be cheap but I have a way around this conundrum.

My current work phone is a smaller iPhone 5 (BYOD) which is starting to slow down and show it’s age.  I have the option to move my personal phone to a OnePlus and then move my work phone to the iPhone 6S.  I can live with the poor battery life of the iPhone 6S as my work phone is switched off when I am not working.

So this may be my get out of jail (Apple) card.  It may work, it may be a waste of money (but I can revert to using the Android as my work phone).  We shall just have to wait and see.

I am going to sit back, wait and see what the tech giants (and not so giant giants) have to offer and see what the future brings.

I may very well be moving away from a life dominated by the fruity Californian company  (or I may stick with what I know and ashamedly delete this post in a couple of months).

As they say, the futures bright, the future might no longer belong to Apple (no they don’t really say that I just paraphrased “Orange”).

(On reflection, isn’t it odd that a device as simple as a phone can provoke such a long winded post and such thought, anger and concern?).

What do you think?  Are you firmly in the Apple or Android camp?  Have you made the switch?  What is your opinion?  Are you happy?  Why not post a reply and let me know what you think…



  1. Much like you, we are part of the Apple family. My only concern would be that an Android phone would be compatible with the Apple home set up we have. And then are we all too Apple minded to consider alternatives. Ivan

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    1. Yes same thinking here as there is the Apple TV, the hundreds of apps I’ve purchased, my music (although Apple Music now on Android). It really does lock you in.

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  2. I’ve just switched to Android after 7 years with iPhones. Apple have really annoyed me in the last two years with not just their lack of innovation, but their lack of even being on par with the competition. I manage a fleet of 300 Macs, and they are all seriously under powered compared to what’s now available in the Windows world.

    I mean the release of the new MBP without Kaby Lake CPUs was ridiculous. Their GPUs cannot compete with even the entry level nVidias, and the touchbar (pretty as it is) is pretty useless.

    So, I took the plunge and switched to Android last month. There’s pros and cons so far. Love the screen, love being able to use NFC openly, and casting to my Android TV feels slightly easier than AirPlay. But, wireless is an issue, my Android seems to hate my AirPort, or the other way around, my new Smart Watch feels like a step down in terms of integration to my phone, and getting used to a new keyboard has provided some interesting spelling errors.

    Still, a phone is a phone. It has 99% of the same apps, and I hate to say it, I’m prefering Google Play music’s recommendations over Apple Music.

    It’s only been a month, I’ll give it some more time before I really make a verdict. But, so far, I’m no worse off, it’s just “different

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    1. Mike thanks for the comment. Great things to consider. Funny you mention enterprise as I’m on a Mac pilot at work and it annoys me so much. There’s so many software and support tissues for apps like a Skype of Business that I’m considering moving back to my PC. I hope the network at home isn’t an issue as Richard Honor works ok. Rumoured launch date of the OnePlus Five is 15/6 so I might not have long to make up my mind.


  3. Surprised you had such trouble with your Samsung TV.. my bro-in-law bought a 42″ high-end Samsung TV just before I came to London.. and that was about 9 years ago, and it still works amazingly.
    I’ve been slowly been moving over to Samsung over the past few years, starting with switching my laptop almost 5 years ago (still works great) from an old iMac when it was starting to die a slow death. Since then I’ve moved to an Android mobile (2 years ago) after being an iPhone junkie for years, and this past year getting a Samsung TV and now a tablet (replacing my 4+ year old iPad).

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  4. We tried the phone move to Andtoid but the apps weren’t as well made and in the end moved back to the iPhone. However we also moved from iPad to Microsoft Surface and not looked back. In fact we see little use for the iPad. With tablets you want them to be more functional and, well, the iPad isn’t, however the Surface has enabled us to become far more productive whilst out of the office. Sometimes you just have to mix and match.

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  5. i think they will pry my iPhone out of my cold-dead hands. I’m currently on the 6s .. it works flawlessly.
    iPad mini also works flawlessly and its exactly the right size for reading books or surfing the web, but now I’ve also become a SurfacePro convert – its just so well made, works so well ! I think its so foolish to try and use an iPad pro for work ..since there is no touch pad with the iPad, your constantly having to touch the screen .. just dumb ! … so I have 2x Apple + 1 Microsoft and I’m happy (for now)

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  6. I made a switch from Apple to Android once! It was from the iPhone 6s Plus to the (infamous) Samsung Note7., and we know the outcome of that fiasco! However, for the 2 months I had the Note7, I really enjoyed it., rather found it a real delight and was so disappointed when I had to give it up due to that battery issue.
    I then picked up much current daily driver, the iPhone 7+, in matte black w/256GB. An excellent device, in which my only complaint is it’s too slippery — always have to have a bumper or case on it. I’ve even dropped it a few times with no damage at all! Kudos to Apple., and now, can or does the latest offering from Samsung stand up to this 7+ from Apple?

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    1. Thanks Reddick. I’ve now won a OnePlus 5 in a photography competition so will have chance to try Android for real 😉


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