Exciting news!

Today my interests collided and I cannot be more excited!  As you know I am an avid photographer and also a big fan of technology. Well, rather unexpectedly this happened…

OnePlus announce their new flagship smartphone on the 20th June –  The OnePlus 5. 

The OnePlus Lab announced a couple weeks ago that they were giving 10 photographers around the world the chance to win the smartphone and use it to showcase their photography skills and the ability of the new device.

You had to enter 4 photographs into the competition which showcased your mobile photography skills.

As you know I have been interested in switching from Apple iPhone to Android so decided to enter the competition.

The great news is I won!!!!!

I have won the brand new OnePlus 5 handset plus accessories.

When I receive the device I have to capture various photographs to show off the capability of the device and my photography skills.

I am excited to have won the competition and to be able to try out the handset.

I am also super excited as to how this could help promote my photography portfolio.

The photos I take will be used by OnePlus in the campaign for the phone launch 😃

I am so excited and thrilled that I have received this recognition and opportunity.

I am interested to see what my fellow global reviewers/photographers achieve with their devices.  I’ve followed them all on Instagram and they are a great set of photographers. Visit the OnePlus Lab to follow us all on Instagram.

Now you may ask which photos I submitted to the competition…  now that’s a challenge as I cannot remember!

I know for definite the two London photos were included.  The New York one I think I may have but I am not 100% sure (next time I enter a competition I’ll be sure to save the submissions in a folder!).

Blackfriars Tunnel – iPhone 5S
New York Skyline – iPhone 6S
St Paul’s – iPhone 6S

Watch this space for more updates on my OnePlus 5 adventure 😃

Check out more of my photography in my portfolio.

You can follow me on Instagram.


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