A lovely* experience

An example of the comments I have received

Well, I have to confess that even though I have not received my OnePlus 5 yet, nor have I started my new role as OnePlus Photographer, I am still having a lovely experience.

The response from Social Media has been very nice and people have been kind and pleasant.

I have received notes on Instagram, Twitter and through my blog.  My LinkedIn profile has had the most traffic and the blog stats have had a spike.

All I can say is thank you, everyone, for the very kind words and support.  There really isn’t anything quite like the kindness of strangers.

Another cool benefit of sharing my win with 10 other photographers is that we have formed a group online where we are sharing our collective joy of winning.  Our passion for photography.  Plus our speculation and anticipation of receiving a mobile phone we know very little about (it’s an odd situation as I usually research anything I buy like crazy).

You can visit the OnePlus Lab page where you can see all of the winners which link through to their profiles.  I recommend you do as there are lots of talented photographers, all with an individual and different styles of work.


*This leads me to the negative point, and it’s only minor but …

The rumoured OnePlus 5

I haven’t received anything nasty or negative directly but I have had people connect with me asking for details about the device.

I know all too well about keeping quiet about products etc, it’s in the nature of what I do.  However, I must applaud the team at OnePlus as they have deliberately not shared any details with us so that they can be certain there are no leaks.

I am sure most have been well intentioned but I can’t help but think some are Bots or journalists (or maybe even competitors), trying to find out details and capitalising on the information.

Some people can be downright rude and bitter though.  Why must people be so negative?  If I didn’t hear, didn’t win, I’d simply move on and try again!

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 20.57.57

We have direct contact with someone at OnePlus so can connect with them when we need to.  I find this open and refreshing.  Fitting with the OnePlus model.

All said, I am enjoying this experience and hope it continues.

Please do stop by my Instagram account (@ktomlinson74), let me know what you think.

Ensure you subscribe here and on Instagram as I will be posting an unboxing video and showcasing the photography achievable with the OnePlus 5 very soon 🙂

IMG_4132 (1)


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