An Android Convert?

My OnePlus 5 Goody Bag

I received my OnePlus 5 goody bag on Friday following my win in the OnePlus 5 Photography Competition.

OnePlus were very generous. I received:

  1. OnePlus 5 128GB 8GB
  2. Black silicon case
  3. OnePlus Travel Backpack

As mentioned before I have only had experience of a stock Android phone with the entry level phone that work provided a couple years ago.  It was slow.  It was clunky and I hated it.

Fast forward to this beast of a phone from OnePlus and there is no comparison.

First of its incredibly fast. Yes, it could be deemed too fast as it does things even on the swiftest of flushes over the buttons. I captured a 360 time lapse yesterday which was made of 200 HD images and the OnePlus 5 rendered and outputted the video within 30 seconds!  This is much faster than my MacBook!

There are lots of things to get used to moving from iOS to Android but I’m getting there. I am particularly enjoying the level of customisation )and that does not simply mean how the phone looks).

Simple things such as double tapping the power button to open the camera is a real benefit for quick snaps.

The camera is very good and the portrait mode is a bit hit and miss (but it is on all phones).  I have learnt to open the phone for portraits, tap the subject and then 90% of the time the photos are what I expected.  I have tested it with portraits of people and objects (including macros of flowers such as the featured image) and the OnePlus 5 copes very well.

I was a bit disappointed with the reviews I’d read but my personal experiences have been much better.

First off the pro camera is brilliant.  The amount of information you can capture is great.  I’ve put these throughLightroom andd there is a lot of information there.  I think the results speak for themselves …

Low light capabilities of the OnePlus 5 Camera

There are a lot of negative reviews about the software stabilisation of the video camera.  Again I saw no such issues.  I shot a video whilst we were driving along a bumpy road and whilst crouching to capture the sunset and all the videos are smooth and crisp.

There is a major issue with the panorama mode but to be frank I don’t use it much so won’t miss it.  Being able to shoot 16:9 makes up for it.

I have not found an equivalent banking app yet.  Well, not one that imports from my existing software which is a pain.   This is an Android issue but the only one I’ve spotted since moving from Apple.

There’s also a lot more ads in Android apps.  Then again it may be the screen is so big I am noticing them more!

Also, most of my friends and family are on iOS so the move from iMessage is a bit of a headache. After years of resisting I’m using Facebook Messenger as its the only app that you can have on multiple devices that aren’t tied to a phone number (and can send SMS).  Do you know any different or better ones?

Setting it up, customising it has all taken time but it feels like a new device. I’m also free to do what I want with it.  Making it truly mine.

Oddly enough my home screen looks like my old iPhone but that’s cause I know where everything is so no point in reconfiguring a system that works.

Having a new device and new system allows me to delete or disregard years of bloat I accumulated on iOS.

I’ve had to pay for some apps again but I guess that’s to be expected.

The new keyboard is taking some time to get used to but again there is more functionality and personalisation available.

Battery life is very good and Dash charging is a blessing.   I’ve taught myself not to keep my phone plugged in all the time nor overnight.

I’m confident I can leave it on the dresser overnight. A quick 30-minute dash charge whilst eating breakfast means I’m fully charged and good to go.

I had the first day today where I didn’t plug my phone in once and still left the office with 43% battery.  That has never happened with any iPhone I have ever owned.

Personally, I have a problem with the notifications as I am so used to the iOS red dots. I had a very busy day today so didn’t see anything really as I didn’t have time to read all the icons and boxes.  This is something I have yet again managed to fix thanks to the capability of personalising the device.

One thing that does annoy me is the stock Emojis which are bloody awful.  I wish I could change these without having to root my phone.

All in all, I am very happy with the phone and Android.  I wish I could export notifications to the Apple Watch then I could totally ditch my iPhone.

I have enjoyed the switch, am still learning but am confident and pleased to have embarked on this journey with Android and OnePlus.  I highly recommend the OnePlus 5.

Here are some more photos from the OnePlus 5 shot over the weekend.

Well rendered images in bright light
Creating a moody look and feel with the Pro Camera
Nice crisp colours and sharpness in all situations
A portrait of Richard captured using Portrait Mode


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