What it’s not about

OK so today I went out for a run…

  • This run was not about how long it’s been since I have been out to run.
  • It’s not about how busy I have been.
  • It’s not about the weather or any health related issues.

It is about the fact that I have been out, all runs count and above all, I enjoyed it 🙂

I am back to running with my TomTom and have set it for Intervals to break my legs back into the routine.  I find it much easier to read the screen and the vibration notifications on the TomTom are much easier to follow than flicking my wrist to see the screen on the Apple Watch.

I have also replaced my Apple Watch for a Pebble Time Round.

I know this is fairly old technology (and that Pebble don’t exist anymore, they were bought by FitBit), yet it does everything I need or want a smart watch to do day to day. (Notify me of calls, texts, emails, see my diary and allow me to respond via voice).

Having the Pebble means I no longer have to carry the iPhone with me simply to get the notifications to work on my Apple Watch!  (I wish the tech companies would place nice together!).

Its also the first time I have been running with the OnePlus 5 which I wasn’t sure I would do.  I thought it would be too cumbersome to take with me but it fitted in my phone sleeve and was lighter against my arm.  In fact I almost forgot I had it on me!

I know my TomTom manages the GPS etc but I prefer to run with a phone just in case I get into trouble,

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 16.12.46

I am not sure who I would call though as Richard is away on a golf mini break!

Check out the stats on Strava.

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