I had been thinking about getting back into a running routine for a while and was determined so I put my trainers on today and braved the cold.

The omens weren’t great for todays run though.

As soon as I left the house the heavens opened. It was already bracing but I was determined to get on with it.

I installed a Couch to 5K app to get me back into things (moving to Android means I’ve had to starts afresh with my apps). I haven’t run with the Pixel 2 before so I had some teething problems. I started the Couch app and it didn’t seem to move past the warm up walk so I decided to do my own thing.

Then on the second loop I decided to listen to some music but ended up calling my parents!

The Google Assistant is quite sensitive and the app locked up so I did my own thing.

I used the Tom Tom to track today’s run.. Running as long as I wanted and then walking to catch my breath etc. I did smaller loops around where we live, mainly due to the weather but the rain stopped.

3 loops and I surprised myself by doing 3k so not bad for a 25 minute routine. Especially as I have not run since July.

Here’s to getting back into it and going from strength to strength.

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