Cheese Toasties

Cheese Toasties, food of the gods.  Sadly not the food of pro athletes!

I was working from home today and decided I would work a run into my afternoon and ensure there was the time in my schedule.  I had forgotten there was a parcel due to be delivered and my plan became unravelled.

Nothing had arrived by lunch and I decided to make some cheese and chicken toasties for lunch.  They were lovely.

The parcel ended up arriving much earlier than I thought it would but in order to fit in a run I had to go out fairly soon after eating.

Maybe not the best move as I am sure they weighed me down on the entire run!

I did remember to check my tech set up this time and disabled the access to the phone and contacts to my running headphones.  This ensured I didn’t actually call or contact anyone during the run.

I set the Tom Tom to a 25-minute routine and started the run.

My first leg was really good and I think I covered much more ground than Saturday, at a good pace.

The rest was slower and I had to catch my breath a few times but was determined not to give in.

I covered a little more distance in the run and I was pleased how I did.  I just need to keep persevering with it.

I am sure once I have a few more runs under my belt I will be back into the swing of things.

I’ve set up a goal to run three times a week in Google Assistant so let’s see how I do.

I have to apologise for the awful running selfie – I guess with the advance of camera technology, the photographs can only look more accurate and the true horror is revealed 😉  (I am sure I will smie in running selfies in the future – honest!).

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