Why do you run?*

IMG_20180112_162640.jpgIt’s a question I ask myself many times, not least now I have gotten back into running again.  I didn’t expect to get asked this mid-run though.

I went back to my old routine today and ran with just my Tom Tom watch and my phone firmly strapped to my arm.  The Tom Tom was set to interval training and nothing else.  No music, no distractions.

I set up intervals as follows:

  1. 2 min warm up
  2. 5 min run
  3. 1 min walk
  4. *5
  5. 1 min cooldown

This was a rudimentary time split just to see how I would do.  Loosely planned around how I have run since I started again (last Sunday).

I, therefore, ran a shorter distance and less time overall but I did run more consistently during today’s workout.

I think I did well and apart from a bit of doubt towards the end I managed to run the segments I planned to.

During the second run segment, I passed a group of ladies with a boy on a scooter.  He waved and shouted hello before scooting over towards me and shouting “Why are you running?”.

At that precise moment, it was to avoid him but I couldn’t answer (or think of anything really to say to a four year old that would make sense).

The ladies with him chuckled and dragged him out of my way and that was that.

“It’s a great title for a blog entry”, was my next thought.

Followed by this were questions of Why? Do I enjoy it?  What am I getting out of it? What’re the benefits?

By the time I had the chance to think of any answers my watch beeped at the end of that run segment and I forgot the question.

I have since had a chance to offer some response:

  1. Little boy, I run because I enjoy it.
  2. I run because I want to keep fit.
  3. I run to forget the conversations and stress I accumulate trying to plan how to sell soap, food and ice cream.
  4. I run because it gives me a form of escape.
  5. I run because I wish I had done it years before.
  6. I run because I don’t ever want anyone to be a chubby boy on a scooter who doesn’t understand why people run.  (Bit harsh this one but it’s fair.  Most children today are so sedentary that they really have an unhealthy future ahead of them).
  7. I run because I like to see the world.
  8. I run because I like to hear crowds cheering my name.
  9. I run to see how I improve and to see how fit I can get.
  10. I run because it is fun.
  11. I run because I can.

Why couldn’t I have thought of any of those when he asked?

So little boy, look at me run and see how I ran. See how all these millions of people are running for whatever reason is best for them.

*Pasties – that’s not why I run rather, another poor choice of food/fuel before a run.  But let’s not do this again!

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