Vintage loveliness

I have grown accustomed to my digital DSLR and am continuously learning new techniques with it.

I recently purchase a new telephoto lens for my camera and will spend some time learning how to get the best from it.

My digital journey continues but I wondered how I would get on with film now that I know more about photography.

I have had film cameras in the past but that was when I was much younger and took snaps (boxes of which I have downstairs). I’m from a generation whose family photos were shot on film.

I did some research and found a lot of interest and praise for the Olympus Trip 35. Being an Olympus user for several years I decided this would make sense.

Thankfully I managed to acquire one for a good price on eBay and this wonderful mechanical artefact arrived today.

This is an original Olympus Trip 35 from 1969 and is in full working order.

It’s completely mechanical and include no electronics. That said there is a solar cell around the lens which powers the light meter. And this is tech from 50 years ago!

The Trip is now loaded with Black and White film and I have 36 exposures to try it out.

It will be odd being limited to few exposures and of course not having any instant view of how my photos turn out but that’s part of the excitement.

I am excited to see how I get on with this little gem and find out if my new found knowledge helps.

Wish me luck! (Photos to follow some time in the future, post processing).


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