Such a lovely crisp day in February calls for an opportunity to get out and enjoy the crisp winter air.

We took a drive to Cambridgeshire today and headed over to Angelsey Abbey.

Unbeknown to us the Abbey was very popular as the snowdrops were out in bloom.

Thankfully we were up with the dawn chorus and managed to beat the crush.

There are several varieties of snowdrops at Angelsey and plenty of opportunity to take shots. Especially in the dappled light of the woods.

As well as taking plenty of shots with my digital SLR I also used up all of the exposures on my Olympus Trip.

This is not bad going as I’ve only had the camera/film for a week. I’m sure I could have used more than 36 exposures if I had let myself but I showed restraint and focussed on getting the shots I wanted to commit to film.

I know I have a good selection of shots on the roll from Maldon, London and Cambridgeshire but I won’t get to see the fruits of my labour until the film comes back from the photo lab. (Well I hope I do. I’m note sure how the camera performs nor how I have fared with the focal length on the camera but time will tell).

Following the morning at Angelsey Abbey we drove over to Ely which is a town in Cambridgeshire that we both adore.

We stopped for a spot of lunch and a wander around before heading back into Cambridgeshire to Wicken Fen.

Oddly given how often we go to Cambridgeshire (and how close it is), we’ve never been to Wicken Fen.

Today was a good day to go as it was a little warmer for the time of year, sunny and the was no breeze.

It would have been lovely and quiet except for the odd screaming child. When we avoided the children we did find a few moments of tranquility amongst the Reed beds.

Wicken Fen made for an interesting contrast to the Abbey and gave us a new place to explore.

Here’s a view across the Fen to the windmill. It’s a very picture postcard setting. I’d love to go back one spring morning to capture the sun rising over the fen but I’m not sure we’d be able to get on site at such an hour. This is one to research for the future.

Richard also had his camera with him today. Here are a couple portraits captured with his camera. (He obviously took my portrait!)

I’ll upload more photos from our day out over the next day or so.

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