It’s here!  I am so excited!

My first black and white photographs from my Olympus Trip 35 arrived today and I am really pleased with the results.

First up I have to say I have no professional way to scan them in (any hints would be gratefully received) so my online shots may be grainy.

The photos though are not.  I am so impressed how crisp and clear the photographs are considering the camera was built in 1969!

There are no defects, no scratches, no dust – just sharp, crisp images.

Well, the ones that are in focus!

But that’s not a negative.  I got this camera to relearn my new craft of photography and I have to say of all the 36 exposures I am pleased with each one as each one has taught me something new about my photography.

My style, my set up, the settings, how close to the subject I was (or far away), the lighting, what I focused on, whether I moved, whether I didn’t move.

I am so impressed with the photos and pleased to see these after two weeks of shooting and processing.

The first image I want to share is called Murmurations and is a capture of the birds flocking over Malden in Essex.  I am not sure these are Starlings but the flight paths were similar and I thought it would make for an interesting landscape.

Ilford 35mm BW 125 FP4 Plus

I like the mood and the atmosphere in this shot.  The sky has plenty of detail as does the sand flats at the bottom of the shot.

I’ve made sure the horizon isn’t bang in the middle of the shot giving the attention to the sky and the flock of birds coming into roost.

I am so pleased with this photo (maybe not so pleased with the scan, again any suggestions would be great).

Let me know what you think?

FYI the film I used was Ilford B&W FP4 Plus 135-36 check out the link to purchase some direct from Amazon.

I will continue to share my other favourites over the next couple of days.  Keep an eye out for them.

Next step for the Trip 35?  I have purchased some Colour film so I will do the same, keep the camera with me at all times and see how I get on with it.

The film I have purchased is Fujifilm C200 Color film – I’ll be interested to see how this makes a difference in camera.

Assessing this roll I have an idea of focal length, the type of lighting the works and where I should focus.  Let’s see how much I learn when the next film is developed 🙂 (In fact I am going to jot down the settings for each photograph if I can so I can see the impact on the settings and the final image).

*The featured image is a shot of my physical negatives, this will give you some clue about some of the other photographs I captured 🙂

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