The Dome of St Paul’s

Ilford FP4 Plus 125

The next 35mm photograph I am sharing is of the Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. I am particularly pleased how sharp this image is. The Olympus Trip 35 I have was built in 1969 and given its age there are no defects in the image which proves the camera lens is in great condition.

This was taken on a particularly grey and rainy day and yet the balance and contrast are sharp and the whole photograph is in focus.

I know this view very well, I used to catch the bus to and from the office so I passed St Paul’s daily. I don’t see this as often these days as I favour the tube and work out of London more often than not.

I have snapped this view digitally in the past but there is something romantic and timeless about capturing this on FP4 Plus 125 black and white film.

Given the distance I was from the subject, you do get a very close view in frame (there is no zoom on the Trip).

Whilst out today we saw an Olympus Trip 35 in a camera shop for three times what I paid for mine on eBay! It pays to shop around.

If you are interested in the Olympus Trip 35 Film Camera I am using, be sure to check out Amazon as there are some serviced ones for sale.

You can see more photos from this collection on my portfolio.


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