Selfie? Orbie?

What would a day out be without some form of selfie?

How do you do that though without a screen or automatic focus?

You have to find reflection!

The silvers orbs on the walkway by St Paul’s proved the perfect opportunity to capture a unique selfie.

The added atmosphere of the rain helped to add drama to the shot and improved the reflective surface.

Ilford FP4 Plus 125

You can just make out the Dome of St Paul’s behind me in the shot.

I actually think the light coming from the pavement is more interesting and very detailed.

I wonder how much I saw in the frame which I composed the shot as I don’t remember anyone standing behind the orb. Seeing the trainer’s makes me realise I may have missed this detail.

The Olympus Trip 35 did another cracking job of focussing the shot well and considering the low light due to the heavy rain I think it performed very well.  I like the contrast produced by the Ilford FP4 Plus 125 film (although the printed photograph is a little lighter).

I have just ordered some Ilford HP5+ 400 to see if there is a difference between the shots (I have heard and read that the HP5 is better). We shall see.

I have also secured another bargain unit – an Olympus OM10 35mm SLR.

I love the Olympus Trip and will keep it in my bag for street shots etc and for snaps when out and about (I work in central London so I have no excuse for not having anything to photograph).

I have gotten the OM 10 as I really want to learn how to use that as well as the Trip.

The Trip is pretty much point and shoot and I think the trick with that is working out the focal points and the speed the camera works at with the relevant film.

I love using my Olympus OMD EM5 MKii and love manual mode when taking shots.  The OM10 will enable me to do this with a film camera.  The camera favours aperture priority but the model I have secured has the manual shutter speed dial.

If I am honest I think I rely on the meter on the OM5 telling me what is correctly exposed without thinking or planning for the shutter speed.  Now I will have a chance to try this with film as I am sure it won’t be as forgiving as my DSLR.

I have to say that this is it – I am not getting any more cameras.  This is my lot.  I do not suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) – I simply want to learn this craft on these units.

I have to be mindful that we are away this year and the EM5 will be going with us – I do not plan to take all this kit with me as I really want to get the most from my EM5 as it is a very capable camera.

That said we are attending The Photography Show in a couple of weeks – I am sure I may end up striking through the comment above!


If you are interested in the Olympus Trip 35 Film Camera I am using, be sure to check out Amazon as there are some serviced ones for sale.

You can see more photos from this collection in my portfolio.


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