What? It’s cold?

I cannot believe I have not shared this photograph yet!

I saw the lady on the bench taking a rest and thought it made for a comical scene.  Little did I know in the final shot the dog’s ear would flap up in the wind!

There was not much planning from this shot I think I actually shot from the hip (which is why the subject isn’t particularly well composed).  I do like the placement of the lady and the dog though as it makes the image feel like a frozen moment in time.

It’s rather a fitting photograph for today as we had a lot more snow overnight so this plays to the theme of cold arctic weather!

Another Olympus Trip 35 shot from Maldon in Essex.


Sadly one that I have not managed to scan very well but you get the idea.

It is possible to capture humorous and candid moments on film – this and my previous photo prove that!

This black and white image was shot with Ilford FP4 Plus 125.  I have just taken delivery of some Ilford HP5+ 400 and will be interested to see the difference.

Sadly the OM10 I have acquired won’t be with me for a while yet as the seller is currently snowed in.

If you are interested in the Olympus Trip 35 Film Camera I am using, be sure to check out Amazon as there are some serviced ones for sale.

You can see more photos from this collection in my portfolio.

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