Keep a camera with you at all times

This has always been very true as you never know what you might capture. Of course, nowadays this isn’t so much of an issue as everyone has a camera with them, built into their smartphone.

I had a look back through a box of old photographs I have from my teenage years (and possibly early 20’s) where I was shooting film.

I didn’t have a clue about the rudiments of photography but was always keen to snap away like some mad paparazzi.

One particular trip to London I felt like just that!

I had visited London to see the Michael Jackson HIStory tour at Wembley Stadium and the day after the concert we went for a walk around London.

For some reason we ended up in Hamley’s Toy Store and whilst there a commotion broke out around us.

Unbeknown to me Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley and their entourage entered the store and came over to the toys we were browsing.

I remember Michael saying “Excuse me” as he leant over for some toys but I had forgotten that I had my camera and took some snaps.

This was way before the Internet and privacy issues with major celebs (and let’s face it, he was a major celebrity, not just a “celeb”).

Anyway, I found this photograph in my collection and decided to share it.

I also wanted to try and enhance the image as this was shot on a point and shoot film camera (probably a Canon Ixus APS camera).

This is my final edit:

ScannedPhotosEdits (3 of 8).jpg
Michael Jackson shopping at Hamley’s London, 1997

This is the original (scanned using Google Photos).

My original APS photograph

As you can see I was a distance from Michael when I took the shot and his entourage were doing their best to keep the fans at bay.

In this edit I have:

  • Cropped the image
  • Darkened the black
  • Adjusted the shadows
  • Decreased the highlights and whites
  • Saturated the colours a little to make the red on his jacket pop

This is another reason why I love analogue photography. I remember this event but I didn’t remember the photographs (I have more).

If these had been on a hard drive I would have probably lost, forgotten or possibly deleted them.

I could have lost these photos when moving house but they are in the box where I store all my favourite photographs and am pleased to have been able to find this shot.

If I didn’t have my camera and swift reactions I would not have the evidence of this little part of history (no pun intended).

It really does pay to keep a camera with you at all times, you never know what or who you just might shoot!

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