Back in March I wrote a piece about adding my content to Unsplash.

It was keen to share my photos and allow people to download them for free.

It was a way to get exposure and see what people were interested in.

I’ve merrily let the account tick over but this week I spotted something in the stats.

I’ve had thousands of views and a decent number of downloads.

One particular photo had nearly a thousand downloads. I was really impressed and pleased by this.

Then I remembered the ethos of Unsplash. As a user/downloader of cpntent you’re supposed to contact and credit the creator when you use their work.

I’ve done this in the past but not once have I had any communication on social media or email to say that they were using my image.

It’s common courtesy and part of the community to give credit but that simply has not happened. Not once.

I decided as I know which images are popular I would remove them from Unsplash and set up an account with stock sites. If I’m not receiving credit I should at last try to monotise the photos.

Annoyingly Unsplash make it very difficult to remove photos once uploaded. They also make it very difficult to delete your account.

I don’t like this increasing situation with the creator or owner has little or no control of their work.

It’s because of this I have now deleted all my work from Unsplash and my account.

Sadly I feel the online world is becoming more geared towards the companies and start ups who create tools to help us facilitate what we want to do. But this is at cost to the owners.

Increasingly I’ve had problems deleting accounts or getting in contact with someone other than a bot (I am looking at you Revolut).

In this one click, instant sign up world people need to be more careful about what they’re signing up for and giving away.

Make sure you control and own your work. You deserve the credit. No one else.

If you did download any of my photos, thank you. I hope they were of use to you.

Thanks for your comment!

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