UK Photography Show 2018

A visitor trying out a new Canon camera

For the second year we attended the Photography Show at the NEC and to be honest, a lot of it seemed very similar to the previous show.

There were a few exceptions that got my attention.

The Disabled Photographers Society have a stall which sells vintage and second-hand equipment.

Last year there was some interest in the array of vintage cameras, lenses and gear they had for sale. But it wasn’t huge.

This year the stall was packed. In fact, people were three deep trying to get their hands on the equipment on offer.

Love or hate the resurgence in film photography, these guys are capitalising on it. Good for them. I hope they’ve raised lots of money this year.

Something else I noticed was the increase in people capturing film footage, panning shots around the crowds and basically vlogging.

(I did try out a DJI gimble but am not sure if ever use one).

I know that there is a massive lift in vlogging and everyone seems to want to be the next Peter McKinnon. There’s nothing wrong with that. Good luck to them.

My concern was that most of the people vlogging etc were there to do that. To record their day, edit and broadcast the highlights.

Is that why you pay to go to an exhibition? Surely you go to learn something, to try new gear and to make the most of the discounts and products on offer?

I couldn’t help but think they were missing out or missing the point.

I will probably watch Kai or Sean Tucker (who I saw there queuing for a pasty) but not really anyone else.

Each to their own I guess.

I stopped by the Olympus stand to get my camera serviced. They did have a slot free but there was a four hour waiting time so I didn’t bother.

The Photography Show coincided with Birmingham Comic Con again this year.

There were plenty of people out in fancy dress, most of whom were replicating characters I had never heard of.

This soldier caught my eye though 😉

Ah isn’t he cute?

We had a good browse around The Photography Show, but typically it was hard to get to really see or try things due to the volume of people and how rude some people are (looking at you Mr Nikon fan on the DJI stand).

However, I did come away with some goodies. I bought myself a Peak Design bag, some Lomography film and t-shirt.

I could have bought sooooooooo much more though! (Actually being honest there wasn’t anything I wanted that I saw at the show).

The fact I bought film intrigues me. I doubt I would have considered buying film when I attended last year.

It was a good day out. An excuse to leave the house (especially cause of the snow and gales).

Who knows maybe I’ll start my own YouTube channel and blog from there next year…

Where did I put my keys?

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