#TBT School Lunch

Here is another photograph I have revisited and given a new look and feel thanks to post-processing in Lightroom.

This is a street scene from St Paul’s in London but it wasn’t particularly dynamic or exciting.

I believe the day was grey and flat so I have converted the shot to black and white.

It also some distracting objects around the edges which I have cropped out to focus on the boys having their school lunch (I know they look like old boys but the boys at City of London School are teenagers).

I think the placement of the people is rather energetic but they are flanked by the Dome of St Paul’s that adds plenty of drama.

I boosted the contrast and played with the highlights to give the photograph more character and I like the finished results.

School lunchtime in St Paul’s

I took this shot this time last year with the Fujifilm X70 (which I sold a while ago). It was a very crisp camera and you can see there is a lot of detail in the final shot.

Remember, never delete your images, you never know what gems are lurking in your albums!

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