What did I say…

Always keep a camera with you. I’ve mentioned it several times before. Want proof? How about a shot of a film crew shooting Josh Duhamel in London?

Josh Duhamel

Ilford 35mm HP5 400 black and white

Now I know you’re not going to see a Hollywood Actor on the street every day but hey if I didn’t stay alert and have my camera I would have missed this candid moment of Fergie’s (handsome) husband.

I don’t see actors everyday on London and this is just an random opportunity.

To be honest I couldn’t remember his name but regardless of who he was I took the snap anyway as it shows a side to London many don’t see.

I was fairly close to them as I was carrying the Olympus OM10 with the 50mm lens. This was the right lens to capture the whole scene fairly close up.

The shot is crisp and has lots of detail with no distortion.

The Ilford HP5 400 is crisp enough and fast enough to be able to capture such a quick shot without any blur.

I’m not sure I was spotted when I took this, which is the beauty of street photography and this camera as you can get in close, take the shot and move on.

Normally I’d take this with my phone or a digital camera to make sure I got the shot. Shooting multiple times. This time I took the one shot and am happy it’s turned out how it has.

Not bad for a random lunch time encounter in the capital!

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