In camera presets

I don’t normally use in camera presets as I like to shoot on Raw.

Richard has given me his original Canon EOS M1 which I plan to use for street photography.

This is a sharp little camera which allows you to set user presents which I think would be ideal for street photography.

I’ve set three presets

  1. Black and white high contrast with emphasis on green tones
  2. True to real life colour with extra sharpness and a colour boost
  3. Portrait settings with a bit of extra contrast and saturation

I’ve tested the settings on my usual model and am particularly happy with the results of this shot of Tilly.

This is using the high contrast black and white setting with a focus on the greens.

Eos M1 22mm (35mm eqv) with b&w personal preset

This shot has lots of contrast and details which helps separate and define Tilly’s black and white fur.

As a contrast here’s another shot with the natural colour setting I’ve created.

Eos M1 22mm (35mm eqv) with user preset 2 natural colour

These colours are very natural and there is a bit of a boost to the sharpness to round off the image.

It’ll be interesting to see how these settings cope out and about on the street.

The M1 is a very capable camera. It may not have a flip screen or WiFi but the images are sharp and crisp.

The 22mm lens is very nearly a full frame 35mm equivalent which gives a great view point.

That and the small form of the camera means it’s ideal for street photography.

The test now is to learn the focal distance so I can shoot out on the street without having to use the screen (when shooting from the hip).

I have set the Canon to shoot both Raw and Jpeg but if the test shots are anything to go by, I’ll be using the jpegs straight off the camera.

If the shots need some editing, I have the option of using the raw files.

Thanks for your comment!

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