Social Puzzle. Public opinion.

Photography and social media are a funny thing. Or to be fare Photography and public opinion are hard to predict.

I managed to find 10 minutes to escape the phone/computer this week and went for a brief walk to clear my head.

The weather was particularly nice and I noticed the light falling through the trees in the small wood next to our house.

I paused. Held up my Pixel 2 and took this snap.

I didn’t think much of the shot. I thought it was nice. It showed off the trees, the light and shade but that was it.

I posted it to my normal Instagram account (not my photography one) as a snap.

And then it happened. My standard account started to recieve new followers. Quite a few. Lots of them travel or landscape photographers.

The photo reached a fair number of people and gained a decent amount of likes.

And all I could think was… Why?

I didn’t plan this shot. I wasn’t looking for this shot. I had no special equipment. My mind was 100 miles way from anything photographic. It simply was something that I liked the look of and snapped.

I’ve been reading lots about street photography, making the most of light, composing my images etc.

I’ve done so for ages and yet this instant photo gets lots of attention.

I wonder what makes this photo such a hit with so many?

I like the colours.

I like the light.

I like the shadows.

The lines draw the eye.

Maybe I’m over thinking it?

I am constantly surprised by what I think makes a good photo and what others do.

I’ve thought about this shot and it’s reaction online and have boiled it down to an insight, a personal positive.

Maybe I shouldn’t try so hard. Maybe I don’t need to look for the light (or the shot).

I should trust my instincts as they appear to work.

If I simply see and be then I can achieve great things. Obviously some photography requires planning etc but shooting in the moment is instant, fun and in this case, gratifying.

Not all my photographs are winners but I am sure that’s true for everyone.

I am simply pleased and proud that a snap gets such a positive reaction.

I will take the credit where it’s due and am happy that this view that caught my eye, has caught the eye of others.

Thanks for your comment!

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