It’s all a blur

One of the things I have been trying to crack with my photography is freezing motion.

This is usually done with the use of a Neutral Density (ND) filter and I have tried it before.

My previous filters were variable and didn’t appear to work to well.

I do have square filters but have not used them as it’s a bit of a performance to take the lens adapter and the square filters.

I spoke to the tutor during last week’s photo tour (which I am yet to blog about!), she recommended a 10 stop filter.

I purchase one to fix to my lens and took it with me to Belton House this weekend.

I knew I wanted to try on the day out but wasn’t sure of the type of shots I’d get.

My first attempt was the water falling from this fountain. A few hand held shots were ok but I wanted to try a different approach.

I put my EM5 MKII on my tripod and sat my camera next to the water flow. (My camera is water sealed).

I set the focus on the water hitting the pool and an aperture of f11 to get most of the shot on focus.

The Gobe ND filter allowed me an exposure of 5 – 10 seconds which allowed enough time to freeze the action.

I took several shots which seemed to work well and was happy I seemed to have gotten somewhere with this finally.

Thankfully the grounds had several opportunities to try different approaches and I was able to set up the camera on the fishing lodge across the lake.

It was quite breezy so there was plenty of movement on the lake, I set an aperture of f16 with an exposure time of 10 seconds. I wouldn’t have gotten close to that without the filter.

The wind gave plenty of movement across the water. The trees and hedges also moved rapidly which was a challenge but I got the effect I was after. The water is almost still and there is some motion trails under the water.

This was taken from the same spot, different angle, with the same settings. You can really see the effect of the wind on the reed bed and the water.

One final shot proves I feel like I under stand how this works. Having a decent filter, a body of water to track movement and the tripod all worked together to get the type of photographs that have eluded me for ages.

I particularly like this shot above and the one of the fountain below.

I want to get out and find some other subjects to see how I can enhance this. Also trying this with cloud tracking.

I am very pleased I got this far and took the time to try this at the weekend.

It also shows I need to take my normal tripod when we go to Canada as these shots are great but I need more height to add to the drama.

I might just take the square filters too!

I’ve been so afraid and annoyed by ND filters for so long. I’m so glad it’s clicked finally.

If you’re curious or scared of this type of photography, don’t be. My Gobe filter was under £20 and did an excellent job.

Watch out waves, here I come!

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