Would you buy my book?

I have put together a collection of my favourite photographs which are either black and white, or nearly black and white.

These photographs cover a host of topics from The City, Tourism, Landmarks and Architecture and were shot during the last couple of years.

I have decided to bring these 16 photographs together to create my first coffee table photo book – “It’s not all black and white“.

The collection includes photographs that I have captured using both digital and analogue cameras.  I have shared some of the images online before but have to say I am thrilled how good they look in print.

In the book are personal favourites, social media favourites and some quirky shots that caught my eye.  I’ve also included one of the photographs that won me the UK Ambassador/Photographer prize from OnePlus.

I created the book as a personal record of my photography but I believe it could make a great coffee table book or a gift.

It’s printed on thick matte paper, the book folds flat so you can appreciate the full-size images.

And here is it (phone for scale!):


Would you consider purchasing such a book?  Would you buy this for yourself or a gift?

How much would you expect to pay for it?

I’d be interested to hear if you have any views as I used a publisher who would allow me to set up printing on demand.

The manufacture and printing is very high quality and I am sure It’s not all balck and white would make a nice gift.

Please do let me know what you think….  Should I sell my book?

Another option would be to start selling prints… is that something that would interest you?

Above all, I am super proud of the book and the photographs contained within it.  Some were taken on a whim and others had more planning.  All document how I am growing and learning as a photographer and I am very pleased I decided to put such a collection together.  I hope you are too.

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