A Weekend of Shooting… Bicycles?

I have a photographic weekend coming up with some great opportunities to take the camera out and shoot.

Today I am taking part in Photo24 London.  This is a competition where you get to participate in tasks and assignments in London for a chance to win some prizes.  You also get to borrow some kit so I am road testing a Fuji X100F with a 10-24mm lens today.

I won’t be joining the full 24 hours but will use the time like I did on the recent photo tour I attended a couple weeks ago.  This will be a great opportunity to take to pause and concentrate on photography in London.

Over the weekend we will be visiting Paris to celebrate Richards birthday.  The weather is due to be especially hot but I am sure this will mean there will be lots of people out and about to photograph.

Today I am taking my Olympus EM5 MK II with my 14 – 42mm kit lens (I imagine I will use the Fuji most of the time).

Tomorrow I am going to pack extra light and take the Pentax Q which I acquired this week.  It might be a risk to take a new camera when travelling but I have been to Paris before and I want the opportunity to put the Pentax and my photography skills to the test.

Parisian Commuter, Paris, Olympus OMD EM5 MKII

I was considering taking the Ricoh but want to try the Pentax (the cameras are so small I could take both!).

This week when I took the photos off the Ricoh GR II, I noticed I appear to have a fascination with bicycles.

One of my favourite photographs from Paris is of a cyclist, several shots in my book It’s Not All Black and White are of bicycles and now I have some more for the collection!

I think it may be because it gives the photographs a human element and scale, without the need for people to be in the shot.

It’s all very strange though as I hated bikes growing up and only learned to cycle about 6 years ago!

Here’s a sample of the two-wheel wonders (maybe this should be the theme for the next book)…

Film, 35mm
Kings Wardrobe, London, 35mm Ilford
Film, 35mm
Boris Bikes, London, 35mm Ilford
Popping a Wheelie, Southbank London, Olympus OMD EM5 MKII
bikes (1 of 1)-2
Karma Cans, St Paul’s London, Ricoh GRII
bikes (1 of 1)
Waiting for Owner, Blackfriars London, Ricoh GRII


    1. Thanks, Natalie. It was good to participate although I didn’t do the whole 24 hours. I am not sure why it didn’t proceed this year but hopefully, they’ll resurrect it next year.

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