Paris with the Pentax Q

The tiny (yet powerful), Pentax Q

Richard and I had a wonderful, fun (and very hot) day in Paris on Saturday.

As mentioned in my previous post I decided to travel light and only took the Pentax Q with me.

A little foolhardy, a little foolish, a touch challenging and a new experience.

What have I learnt from using the Pentax Q 10? Here are my 10 about the 10…

  1. It’s a very capable camera, it does do a lot of what my Olympus EM5 MKII is capable of but of course, the resolution is less due to the sensor size and given its several years old, the autofocus is a little slow.
  2. The lack of a flip screen is a set back with certain shots (I didn’t realise I used it so much on the Olympus) and the screen can struggle in bright light.
  3. I also didn’t realise how much I use the viewfinder so holding the camera in front of my face instead of my eye was another difference.
  4. Interval shooting is really easy to set up and I got some nice little capsules of our afternoon in Jardin du Luxembourg.
  5. The zoom on lens 02 is superb. For a 5 – 15mm lens, the range is brilliant. I had no problems zooming in on the top of landmarks such as the Sacré-Cœur or discreetly shooting people out and about.
  6. It’s a great little street camera, with the 02 lens you can zoom in without people noticing you are evening holding a camera (and if they do I doubt they realise the power of the zoom).
  7. The photos are sharp – just remember to hold it steady. It’s such a small light camera it is easy to shake (even with shake reduction switched on) so many shots were blurred yesterday.
  8. The black and white rendition is nice and crisp. You can tailor all the photo settings in camera so mine has strong blacks which increased contrast.
  9. There is a lot of detail in the RAW files which allow for a decent amount of post-production.
  10. The flash may be tiny but it’s very powerful. I used it to highlight a portrait under the trees in the Jardin du Luxembourg and it was more than capable.


The built-in ND filter allowed me to get really nice motion blur through slow shutter speeds in full (33 degrees) sunlight. Holding the camera steady or using a tripod makes the results even sharper.

It’s a fun little camera which is very capable. You have to be mindful that it is very light so zoom shots are a struggle. I like it very much, I need to learn the controls etc but I am sure it won’t take long.

This is a different beast to the Ricoh GR II as the lens makes it less pocketable but you can still put it in a jacket or small bag and forget about it.

Here are some of my favourite photographs from the Pentax Q in Paris yesterday:


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