As some of you know I am a student of the British Academy Of Photography and I acquired my photography diploma earlier this year.

The Academy approached me a little while ago, asking if I would mind submitting some of of photos for their open day.

I was proud and honoured to have been asked and submitted a number of shots.

I didn’t know which photos would be included so decided to travel into Westminster University, London to see what made the cut.

The open day also enabled me to ask some questions and consider what I do next. I am considering the post graduate diploma (or possibly HND), but had a few questions.

Here are my 5 photographs which were displayed at today’s Open Day:

My 5 photos which were displayed in the exhibition

I submitted a broad range of photographs and can see a theme in the chosen photographs.

Interestingly there are a number of cameras used in the shots above including my Olympus EM5 MKII, Fujifilm X70 and various lenses.

The shot of the office block from London was a quick shot. The photos of the cyclist, Parisian train and the London eye all took some time to compose.

The book was shot at home on my birthday this year. This was from a series of shots I took to practice lighting techniques.

I also got to meet Wayne Crichlow who is the British Academy of Photography’s 2016 Photographer of the Year and a finalist in Sky Arts Master of Photography.

I had a chat with Wayne about his experiences both on the course, how he balances work and his art and his time on MOP. He was a very friendly chap who helped me consider my options.

Wayne mentioned he keeps a camera on him at all time and tries to use it whenever he can. He works in the City but relishes the opportunity to learn and snap away.

I really like Wayne’s street photography and he has a good eye.

Ultimately, I am very proud to have been asked to include my work and for it to be recognised at such an event.

Check out the exhibited photographs on Flickr.


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