I think I have GAS*

*Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) or Compulsive Tool Acquisition Syndrome(CTAS) has been defined as “the all-consuming desire to expand your collection of gear. Bank balances have been battered and marriages destroyed, but by god there’s been some lovely gear bought.

OK, I admit it. I may have a problem. Well, at least I am aware of this!.

As you know I shoot mainly with my Olympus EM5 MKII.  I also own an original Olympus Trip and an Olympus OM10  (both 35mm).  For quirky 360 shots, I have a Ricoh Theta S.

You may have noticed that I have added two vintage digital cameras to my camera collection. Why? Simply because I wanted a camera I could keep on me at all time and I also wanted to learn and extend my photography using other kit.

What’s new?  Well, two different, compact and unique cameras.

The petite Ricoh GR II

First I managed to acquire a Ricoh GRII which is a renowned street photography camera.

After looking for ages (and losing a few auctions online), I managed to get a copy of the original 10mp cameras and I love it.

It’s simply tiny and very quiet. I can see why street Photographers love it.

The black and white images rendered by the camera are wonderfully crisp and have lots of contrast.

I was surprised by the colour images the most. The photos feel like they’ve come from a film camera. Almost as if shooting on Kodachrome.

Summer, Ricoh GRII

My next purchase was a Pentax Q.

This is a fully capable mirrorless SLR with interchangeable lenses but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The tiny Pentax Q, complete with 02 telephoto lens

The Pentax is very small and was the perfect travel companion when we recently visited Paris.

Just like the Ricoh, the Pentax Q is a very capable camera but being a couple years old, it is a little slow to focus and write to the card.  It’s incredibly light which means you have to hold your hand very steady to avoid any camera shake.

I love the compact nature of the camera and the fact it is so small means you can be very stealthily with the shots you take.  Especially the tiny 02 telephoto zoom lens that came with the camera.

The 5 – 15mm lens is pretty powerful and allowed me to really zoom in (or out) to achieve the shots I wanted.

There is also a built-in ND filter in some of the lenses which means you can get much slower shutter speeds in full light.

I keep the Ricoh in my bag, therefore it is with me at all times.  It’s so small and light you don’t notice you are carrying it and it takes up no space (it sits in a mobile phone pocket in my bag).

A flippant colleague made a comment that the Ricoh wasn’t a real camera and I would be better off using my phone.  I completely disagree!

My phone may give me the speed and megapixel count but the Ricoh and the Pentax give me more creative control.  They also make me think about my composition, how I would achieve a certain result (such as motion blur, depth of field) and I think really helps the creative process.

Here’s a shot I took in Brick Lane with the Ricoh this week:

Hey, I am simply building my photography arsenal to cover me for all eventualities!

Yes, another bike!  Ricoh GR II

I am simply building my photography arsenal to cover me for all eventualities (I know I am convincing no one).

Here are the contents of my camera arsenal:

I call it choice.  Using different equipment to pushing oneself to try new challenges and approaches. (Again I know I am convincing no one!).  It’s fun though!


      1. Yes, each of my cameras take different types of images and since I’m quite new to film photography I like experimenting and seeing how my style of photography will develop. I try to use each of my cameras as much as possible 😊


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