For the love of Micro 4/3

The Micro 4/3 system recently turned 10 years old and I have to confess I love this system of cameras.

From my first Olympus PEN EPL1 right up to my current Olympus OMD Em5 MKII, these are smart, well designed and very capable cameras.

Some people criticise and look down on the Micro 4/3 system but I love it.

This video covers a lot of interesting facts about the system:

Why do I like it?

  1. The cameras are much smaller, the lenses are much smaller and therefore you have less to carry
  2. The design of the cameras is very good and the build quality is excellent
  3. Olympus carried over the top of body dials from their film OM series and I love the functionality and flexibility this gives you (without having to take your eye off the viewfinder).
    Fujifilm only recently decided to take this route and the other manufacturers are trying to same or are way off (how does anyone understand how to operate a Nikon? Seriously!)
  4. The smaller system gives you faster shutter speeds
  5. The batteries last longer
  6. I also love the look and feel – during a shoot of an event someone asked how old my camera was thinking it was vintage, they didn’t realise it was a digital camera!
  7. Without Micro 4/3, mirrorless cameras would not exist

If you like big chunky heavy cameras then stick with your Canons or your Nikons. I am very happy with my Micro 4/3 camera and especially the beautiful bodies and lenses made by Olympus.

Come on, look at it… how could you not love this thing of beauty?

My OMD EM5 MKII with 12-40mm Pro Lens

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