Patience pays off

The Monorail in Seattle was built in the 60’s for the Worlds Fair and it whizzed past our hotel room, every ten minutes during the day.

I decided that I had to ride the monorail as it is a part of Seattle’s history and you don’t see that many monorails around the world.

I took the Olympus and shot several photos and videos which I plan to edit together when I get back. The great thing about the Olympus (apart from the great lens and in-camera stabilisation), is that I could set the camera up, press record and leave it on my lap – this meant I got to enjoy the ride and not just film it.

Following the return trip, I walked back to the hotel following the monorail track and stopped a couple times to try an get some shots of the train in transit.

It was a waiting game as each train passes every ten minutes and the ride is only 2 minutes long so you have to be quick.

I was prepared for the return of the train from the Space Needle but even though I composed my shot and waited patiently, I hadn’t realized the train was on the opposite track and therefore not very clear from my viewpoint.

I, therefore, decided to walk a bit further down the road, cross over and hope I didn’t miss the monorail on its return.

I pre-composed, pre-focused and set all the lighting etc and was not disappointed.

The camera was in burst mode and I had enough shutter speed to freeze it mid-ride.

The result was the following and I am very pleased with this photo.  I am sure it’s not the first such shot like this but I am very pleased with the composition, the lighting and the angle of the shot.

It was worth the wait 🙂


What do you think of this photo?  Are you as impressed as me?

This post concludes this section of our holiday in Seattle, we are now checked in and ready to fly to Victoria, Canada.  Expect more updates soon!  (But no more monorails).




      1. 😁 ur welcome! Do it in a futuristic font please. It totally reminded me of Blade Runner when I first saw it. You could actually make it look like Movie poster with maybe city’s attractions written in small print where the Director etc names are written ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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