My first zine “Black and White Memories” now on sale

Zine 1 – now on sale

Following the release of my first photo book, I have decided to also create a magazine which features some of my work from various locations and cameras/formats.

I am interested in this approach as it seems more accessible format than a photo book and can be easily digested and costs a lot less to produce and purchase.

I have therefore created my first zine titled BLACK and WHITE Memories.

This issue features a collection of black and white photographs which trigger memories. Captured from around the world using various cameras.

Check out the details below or via this link to the online store where you can browse a small sample of the work included in the magazine and purchase directly from the printers.

The magazine is only £4.99 (plus local taxes etc).

I would love to hear what you think and aim to produce more editions in the future.

Why not purchase your copy today?

Black and White Memories was featured by Ted Forbes on the Art of Photography, 19 April 2019.


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