Uninspired. Inspired.

The weather report for today was not great for home or London which is a shame as I had planned to travel into London to take some snaps.

This didn’t happen due to the weather and I have not been 100% since the holiday so decided that it was best to stay in Essex.

I did head into town and had a few things to do but took the Olympus Trip as I thought there may be some chances to take some photos.

It was a grey, drizzly day and I was uninspired.  I saw an opportunity whilst waiting for the train and snapped a shot.  That’s it.  One photo.

I think this goes back to my comments about shooting film as consciously you don’t want to waste the shots and in the end, I only took the one shot.  One thing that grabbed my attention.  It may have been different if I had my digital camera but possibly not.

I am sure I will be interested to remember where I shot this once the film is eventually developed.

After lunch, I decided to dig out the studio kit and try some lighting experiments and portrait tests.

I had forgotten I purchased a black and silver reflecting umbrella (I have had a white one for some time which I have used a lot).  This was the ideal opportunity to test the silver reflective side as I had the time.

I took quite a lot of shots, various poses, different ideas, different lighting.  Varied between the 45mm and the Pro 12-40mm lenses.  I also added a purple gel to the flash at one point to add some atmosphere.

Most photos were not great but this was an afternoon of experimenting.  I did end up with several photos I like which I have quickly post-processed.

Not groundbreaking but a fun way to test my photographic ability on a particularly rainy day.

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