Gotten over my GAS? Items for sale…

The tiny, Pentax Q10

Since writing about the equipment I had acquired a while ago, I have had another play around with the Pentax Q as I have not used it since Paris. It’s a very capable camera and all in a very small package. I do however feel that I am not really getting on with it. Why? Well a number of reasons

  1. No viewfinder – I used my viewfinder in the EM5 MKII all the time and notice that the lack of viewfinder and the older screen on the back of the camera isn’t really sufficient to compose and ensure you have the right information in focus etc.
  2. It’s slow – yes not a surprise as it’s an old camera but it just feels sluggish.
  3. I haven’t taken the time to learn it.

The final point is a fundamental one. The principal reason I love the Olympus EM5 MKII so much is that it’s infinitely customisable, so much so I know exactly where everything is on the camera. I understand the modes. I know what’s possible and I trust the camera. I honestly cannot fault the EM5 MKII and now I have my first pro lens, it’s just gotten even better.

The Pentax Q and the Ricoh are sitting in the drawer much more than I had planned which is a real shame. I do use my Pixel 2 an awful lot but it doesn’t give me the level of control I want.

That said, the Pixel 2 is always with me which means I am not using the Pentax or the Ricoh as much as I intended so am thinking about selling them both.

I also have a Canon M3 which I inherited from Richard which I should carry with me as it’s a far more capable camera.

I know the camera is just a tool to help with your work but you have to feel comfortable with that tool, right?

I’ve put both items on eBay – if you fancy getting your hands on the Ricoh GR II or the Pentax Q10 follow the links 🙂


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