My First Red Dot

After wanting to do it, thinking about it and worrying that it was out of my range, I did it.

Did what? I purchased my first proper Leica, red dot and all.

I can’t afford a brand new Leica camera but I had some ideas about purchasing a second hand Leica T body. No matter how I tried to make it cost effective, either with a Leica lens or an adaptor and a second party lens, it was just too expensive.

I did own a Leica D Lux 5 briefly in the past but that’s really a rebranded Panasonic Lumix camera. I didn’t get on with it and purchased it for my photography course but it wasn’t the right camera so I sold it.

I do love the small collection of photographs I caught with it though. The black and white shots I took were really sharp and crisp.

Anyway I did some digging around and even though there were plenty of options for second hand Leicas, they were all very expensive.

I recently sold both the Pentax Q and the Ricoh GR so decided to put the money towards a Leica, red dot and all.

Following some more research I found out about the X1, Leicas first proper digital camera with a design to Riva classic Leica film cameras.

I bought this not because of the badge, the resolution or any fancy capabilities. I bought it because it’s a capable camera that will make me think about how I compose and expose for the shot I want. I’m hoping this will bring me a bit closer to the film camera experience I get with my OM10.

Anyway this little gem arrived today, fully boxed and in excellent condition.

I’ve not had a lot of chance to use it but have taken some snaps to see what it’s capable of. And… I’m impressed.

I was testing the camera in manual mode and trying the various apertures, set by the dial on the top.

This isn’t a great photo but you can see how crisp and clear the lens is with good depth of field.

I shot this with the manual focus and am pleased about the contrast and how sharp the image is.

The fixed 36mm lens will be interesting to shoot with and I already see some similarities with the Fujifilm X70 I used to own.

The Leica X1 is a little smaller and lighter but the build quality is superb.

The dials also feel like they are in the right place with the shutter speed and aperture dials on the top of the camera.

I purchased the Pentax and the Ricoh as everyday cameras. This was not the intention with the Leica but it seems to fit the bill and may prove better at this than either the Ricoh or the Pentax Q.

I can set my own profiles. There’s a single lens focal length. It’s light and well built. This may very well be what I was looking for all along.

The added bonus is, it’s a Leica!

I am looking forward to taking this little gem out and about with me and giving it a proper test run.

Look out for my first collection of Leica photographs…


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