Let’s see what develops

Tilly, Lady Grey 400 Lomography, OM10

I recently mentioned that I have sent my latest film to the developers and wasn’t sure it would come out as I had trouble rewinding the film back into the canister.

Unfortunately, there was some like leakage on a number of images at the end of the film, but the rest were unaffected.

This caused an interesting pattern to appear at the long edges of the frame and in some respect, I like it as it makes you realise you are looking at a film/processed image.  On the other hand, it’s a shame as this could have been a really nice image of Tilly (or maybe the light leaks give it character – what do you think?).

I am more surprised that the image came out at all as the shutter is rather loud and as I took this image, Tilly jumped. I fully expected this to be a blur of fur!

The lovely thing about film photography is forgetting what you have captured previously and being surprised when your shots are processed.  This is the case for this film which has been in the camera for several months.

I started to use this film in the spring and completed it in the autumn.  You can tell the difference with the light through the seasons as the summer months come out much sharper.

This is a grey and white based film so the shots are a little muted but I like the rendition of the film.

This is a particular favourite from the selection I had processed which I shall simply call “Deckchairs”.

Deckchairs, Lady Grey 400 Lomography, OM10

I have noticed (and Richard has commented) that not all of the shots are very sharp but I do not think this is because of the film.  I think this is due to my focusing technique and how steady I hold the camera.

I think the focus on Deckchairs is very crisp and am delighted given how old the lens is.

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