Porca Miseria

We have visited Waddesdon Manor many times over the years and there have been many highlights to the days spent there.

I cannot say that one of these highlights is the Porca Miseria chandelier.  It was commissioned by Lord Rothschild in 2003 and is made of pieces of broken crockery.

I have never been a fan of the chandelier as I feel it is pretty vulgar and a rich man’s folly.  Just because you have incomplete sets of priceless crockery and unlimited wealth, does that give you the right to break it up and turn into a piece of art?

Anyway, we paid one of our regular visits to Waddesdon yesterday to see the house decked out for Christmas and took along the Leica.

This time when we passed through the Blue Dining Room I took a couple of photographs of the chandelier and didn’t think much of it.

I thought I could potentially have an interesting shot if I concentrated on the crockery but was really surprised when I got home.

The lighting was rather dramatic and my settings meant that the background was underexposed leaving a rather dramatic version of the chandelier in the frame.

I applied a couple tweaks in Lightroom to enhance the image and ended up with this rather striking result.

Porca Miseria, f/2.8 ISO 500 1/30

Not bad for a photo I hadn’t planned to take of a subject I wasn’t too bothered about!

What do you think?


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