Beaming with pride

This has been quite a weekend.

As you may have seen I graduated from my British Academy of Photography course this weekend and feel as proud as punch.

I completed the course at the start of last year and wasn’t expecting a full graduation ceremony but was invited towards the end of last year.

I’m really proud to a have achieved this and the graduation ceremony had me thinking about what I have learned and continued to learn. That’s not including what I have achieved directly and indirectly as a result of my photography.

I didn’t think I was worthy or thought much about what I had done (I put myself down) and this has forced me to consider what I have and can achieve.

Post run gorgeousness

It’s given me renewed vigor to pursue my photography and learn more. I want to continue to push myself and see what I can do so watch this space.

Next for me will be to use the OM10 to take some analog photographs so I can try my hand at developing my own prints.

Interested in my kit? Find out more here

I also told myself I would get back into running and have just completed my first run of the year.

It was a particularly cold day (-1) but I was determined to get my kit on and run.

I had the perfect incentive to do so as our Nephew is visiting this weekend as he starts training for the Military Police tomorrow (so he’s much younger and fitter than me).

Today’s road and trail route

I suggested we go for a run together and we managed a decent loop combining road and trail. I didn’t manage to run the whole way but am happy to have gotten out and the difficult bit is getting back into my kit.

That’s done so now it should all be uphill (hopefully not literally) from here.

Why not follow my 2019 running efforts on Strava.

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