Welcome to the family: Rollei 35

Oh let’s get this out of the way… GAS blah blah blah, camera always with me blah, super cute blah, unique blah etc.

Ok so what’s this all about… I’ve bought myself a Rollei 35.

Isn’t it cute?

This is recorded to be one of the smallest 35mm cameras ever produced and is renowned for its super sharp Carl Zeiss lens.

It’s a unique looking camera and that was one of the reasons I was attracted to it.

The film speed dial, the aperture ring and shutter speed are all on rings at the front of the camera.

Add in the focus ring on the lens and you have a camera which is perfect for setting up when looking down on the camera. Clever!

This little gem is in perfect working order, it’s very clean and comes with its original lens cap.

It has some quirks. The lens extends and locks out of the body and you have to cock the camera to close the lens.

There is a built in light meter on the top, which is working. Oddly the film counter and the hot shoe are on the bottom!

The lens is a 45mm lens, fastest at f/3.5.

I’ve loaded it with some Fomapan 100 black and white film and it’s winding along as expected (I think).

My plan is to fill it up with snaps to see how it performs and test the lens.

I’m hoping to develop some films this weekend and will aim to complete this one to test it out.

For comparison this is the Rollei alongside my Olympus Trip (which is fairly dinky) and as you can see it’s tiny.

Rollei 35 compared to Olympus Trip

Welcome to the family little Rollei, I look forward to learning your quirks.

Keep an eye out for my updates with some example photos (hopefully!).


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