Which do you prefer?

Part of the appeal of analogue film is that you’re not sure what you’ll get when you develop the photos, either in the process of taking the photo or developing it.

Following my personal development mishap with my first film in the Rollei 35, I sent the next film off for professional development.

I put a Lomography Lady Grey in the camera and now I have them back I’m not sure I’ll continue to use this film as I prefer more contrast and darker blacks… Anyway….

The photos came back and the scans and the prints had a white line along one edge.

It’s a perfectly straight white line which appears on all photos. A line so perfect it felt like it couldn’t come from an analogue camera made in the 60’s.

You can see the white line down the left side of the photograph.

It couldn’t be dust or hair as it was a perfect line, it didn’t make any sense.

I thought that it might be the film but I’m not sure an entire roll would have a perfect line through it either.

I decided to contact the developers to see if they had any clue and they sure did.

Apparently these lines can appear when professionally developed as dust can get onto the scanner and the laser forms a line through the print.

I would never have guessed this!

The company kindly reprinted the photos and the scanned photos for free as this should have been picked up during the quality check.

So now I have the same photos without the line and this is the outcome.

I am torn between which one I prefer. Both have character and a unique style. In some cases I like the line but in others I think it’s distracting!

The main learning from all this was that the photos produced by the Rollei were sharp, clean and had good contrast (considering the film I used).

Plus analogue photography keeps you on your toes and it’s a real mix of art and science.

I have some work to do with regards to learning the zone focussing on the Rollei and have set the camera to a few different settings with the latest film (a second attempt with a Fomopan). Hopefully this will yield better results.

Shots over 6 feet or to infinity seem to work well but others in the middle or close range are out of focus. I am sure I’ll get used to it though.

I love the Rollei. I love the size and the feel of the camera. It is so organic.

It has been in my bag everyday since I got it and I’ve shot three rolls with it so far.

I am looking forward to seeing how the Fomopan develops. I’m hoping there will be more contrast in the shots.

I’ll keep you posted.

Which of the two photos do you prefer, the one with the line, or without?


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