I found out recently that Pro Flickr users can print a free Chatbook – all you need to pay is the postage. Even though Chatbooks is based in the USA, it was only £4 postage to the UK and took about two weeks for delivery.

Anyway, I thought would give it a try and used it as an opportunity to print the work I am submitting to the Royal Photographic Society for my LRPS application.

The book is created with an app which has several templates which are easy to configure.

You can’t, however, remove the number of pages you want to print only add pages. For the purposes of my book, I ended up adding additional pages to feature photographs that have been exhibited and some links to my web sites/YouTube pages, etc.

This is a minor gripe as I am sure most people will fill a book easily.

The book that is produced is about the size of a CD and is printed on nice weighty matt paper and there is good colour reproduction.

As you can see from this image here’s my mouse on the book for scale:


And here’s the cover of the book:


The book is a good size and gives your images enough space to show off with plenty of detail.

Here’s a couple of the photographs inside, as you can see, they are reproduced well and the book is printed well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photos are clean and sharp and it’s nice to have a book slightly bigger than the mobile phone sized screens we’re are all familiar with.

I am impressed with the book and think its quite well priced.

I am sure you could use Chatbooks to print off memories, to create gifts or to show off your work in a portable yet clean format.

If you have Flickr Pro account, be sure to take advantage of the offer.

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