Oxburgh Hall

We spent Saturday at Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk with friends.

It has been a glorious weekend and we have made the most of the earlier summer sunshine.

I took the Pen f with my Pro lens and had planned to capture some long exposures of the house as it sits within a moat.

Sadly the moat was full of algae and the house is undergoing major restoration (there is large scaffolding sitting in the middle of the moat as a trail for future works).

1/2500 f/2.8 ISO 80

I therefore decided not to take the planned shots but focus on the landscape and the wildlife.

Mainlt the family of swans that gracefully glide around the moat.

1/320 f/6.3 ISO 80

I am always wary of swans as they are large birds with quite a temper.

The scale of the adult male was quite a shock when he got out of the water to shake off his wings (above).

1/800 f/2.8 ISO 80

I couldn’t resist trying to get a couple photos of this majestic family but did keep my distance.

1/60 f/5.6 ISO 80

The view of the exterior of the house may be obscured but you can still take some interesting photos from the inside out.

1/250 f/2.8 ISO 80

Norfolk is a lovely part of the country and I’m always pleased it’s not that far from us.

The Pen f did a great job in the bright sunlight and the pro lens was quite a difference from the normal pancake or prime lenses I attach to the Pen.

It’s a little front heavy with the Pro attached but not too bad.

I’m still getting used to the dials when compared to my EM5 MKII. Especially the ISO dial which I keep moving by accident!

I’m surprised how quick the Pen is. Continuous High burst is very fast but I need to invest in some faster cards as I had to wait once or twice for the camera to finish writing to them.

A lovely day out and I’m pleased with the selection of photos I took to capture the day.

Update Oxburgh Hall contacted me this week to ask if they could use my swan photograph 🙂

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