Lifes Learning Curves

Sometimes life has a way of keeping you busy and making you take stock of things.

I’ve been tremendously busy recently and seem to have quite a bit to master or juggle.

  • I’ve not found my stride with my running and I had to abandon my run on Monday due to lots of lower leg pain (in both legs).
  • My parents have both been ill and there’s been lots of twists and turns to contend with.
  • Work has been stupidly busy and there’s a lot to contend with, many balls to juggle and changes to adapt to.

As if this wasn’t enough I decided to apply for a Lenciticate at the Royal Photographic Society.

I didn’t apply for the letters after my name, I applied as I wanted to find out if my photographic journey has enabled me to grow enough to be recognised by the RPS. Essentially to learn about the quality of my photographic work.

I poured months of work into choosing my photos, finding the right printers, testing various styles and effects. Mastering my hanging plan and considering the feedback from the assessment I had online.

It’s also cost a small fortune to work on the photos, print and process them.

Today was my assessment day and for once I didn’t worry about it (possibly because I have more than enough to worry about at present).

Regrettably I was not successful in achieving my Lenciticate.

It was a surprise but I wasn’t dramatically disappointed.

Yes, I would have liked to have achieved my LRPS first time but it seems many people go through this process more than once.

I do not know why I failed as feedback is due in the next 28 days.

I’m not going to dwell on it and I’m not going to get hurt by it. I shall use the feedback to grow and to learn.

Photography is an art that continually pushes you and I am certain there is much more I could learn.

I await the feedback to hear what the Royal Photographic Society panel have to say and then take stock.

I’m not sure when I will try again, I will wait to see what the feedback is first. I know I will try again.

It’s disappointing but not surprising and not the end of the world.

As with all of these bumps and knocks, they are simply life’s learning curves. To be hurt by them requires too much energy and is meaningless.

As one of my friends said to me

You’re a good learner so I’m sure it will be an overall good thing.

And I have to agree.

I always want to learn and it’s always good to better ones self. How else would we grow?

Maybe I’ll look back on this panel in the future and see something I was unable to now.

I am certain my photography has improved so I am sure this learning will help move me further ahead and push my talents and capabilities.

I’m still proud of my work.

For now I wait and see what the feedback is, breath and plan my path ahead.

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