In Focus: My view of photography communities online/social media

I watched James Popsys latest video and it’s echoed a lot of what I am feeling about social media and online photo communities.

I understand the irony in using an online video to make this point but this is one of only three videos in about two weeks online that I’ve watched.

If I’m honest I’m bored and disappointed with the online Photography world.

I’ve had some bad news recently so not been part of Instagram or the forums or comments and now when I return I realise I have not missed anything.

Having to come to terms with matters in my personal life have made me look at my work, the things I engage with and what I do with fresh eyes. It’s made me realise there is more to life than likes, online sharing, comments and critiques.

This can also be true of the feedback I had from the Royal Photographic Society about my LRPS assessment. Yes, I applied and I knew if I failed I would get feedback. The feedback is valid but at the end of the day, the critiques don’t matter as I like the photos I submitted and that’s my opinion. The reasons I took my shots and like them are mine alone. That’s the only opinion that matters.

I also think online photo sharing makes you stale and seeps others shots into your conscious which means you end up taking the same photos unknowingly.

I’ve looked at photo competitions online for a while now and am amazed how so many people take similar shots over and over.

The online photography community has a place but given the reports of all of the environmental disruption due to Instagram influencers etc and my feelings, I think it’s time for a longer break.

I don’t want to be influenced. I’ll take comments at face value. I will enjoy my craft and produce work in my way.

It’s time for the online world to take a step back. It’s not important now and feels it hinders more than helps.

I like my photos and will continue to grow. Getting on out and shooting is what it’s all about. Learning. Being creative. Enjoying the craft.

Thanks or the inspiration Mr Popsys, keep up the good work James!

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